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phone email to Hiyoshi

Phone email to HiyoshiCollapse )

ooc: sent, of course, in the middle of Hiyoshi's date ;D
jubilee+'s latest photoshoot~Collapse )

See, Hiyoshi, I told you these costumes were a good idea. The forums are absolutely ablaze with talk of your - and I quote - "delicious abs."

And, most thrilling of all, raunchy fanfiction! Which I shall enjoy perusing with a glass of wine tonight. ♥
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Where to go this year?

Shibuya? Roppongi? Shinjuku?

Ah, choices!
Well, I don't know if any of you in the peanut gallery remember this but fortunately for you, and for Hiyoshi who no doubt was counting on everyone involved forgetting all that happened that day, I'm just kind enough to remind you.

I'd like to thank my manager for agreeing with me that all of my ideas are friggin' great and also the folks at Cure magazine, who (as I have just been informed) are giving this shoot a seven page feature. Including an interview with yours truly ofc ♥

Sneak peeks!Collapse )
Hiyoshi, I know you think your little system of organization is so friggin' brilliant that anyone can just figure it out without even asking, but the band-aids were much easier to find when they were right there on the floor.

And where the heck is my hair dryer?!
Hiyoshi, my best friend in the world!

You're not scared of bugs, right?
Hey, moron. I respect your effort at revenge, but it was a little half-baked. You seem to have forgotten that phones come with a silent mode.


Jun. 30th, 2011

My manager found out about these things and how everyone's getting one and suggested I get one too. I don't know why I would be interested in what any of you losers have to say but I guess it's a good idea to keep an eye on the competition, or whatever (psh, like there is any).

So yo. Mukahi Gakuto, bassist extraordinaire. And gorgeous to boot. Don't you forget it!!

I hope we can all get along. ♥